•  Life Direction Coaching

    Is there a challenge or issue that you need help with? Do you feel time is rushing by and your dreams are being left behind?  Do you yearn to stop racing around the treadmill and devote time to live your vision?  If you answered YES to just one of these questions, then choose coaching as the intervention that will undoubtedly amplify your success.

    I can help you supercharge your life and breakthrough challenges that limit accomplishment of personal or professional goals. Get on track with your internal satellite system with solution focused coaching in which you will benefit from specialized techniques and strategies, identify your personal guiding principles and raise empowering beliefs. Experience remarkable success with just a few hours of intuitive and insightful 1-1 coaching support.

    Clients who work with me transform their lives by acquiring skills that lead to amazing outcomes. Our successes include clients who triumphed through coaching and set up their own business, gained promotion, re-located for work, prioritised their self-care, had greater self-confidence in a range of situations, increased their productivity, achieved financial targets, as well as attract and enjoy healthy intimate and social relationships.

    If you are ready to accelerate your transformation to next level living and step into your best imagined life, take inspired action to start your Life Direction Coaching journey by contacting me today. What do you have to lose?

    0121 411 9500  |   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • What is Life Direction Coaching?

    Life is about the choices and decisions we make. Coaching is a process that will expose you to new approaches, techniques and strategies that enable you to get clear on what to do, generate an array of possibilities to do this and determine the exact actions that are meaningful for you. Along the way, you will challenge limiting thoughts or behaviours that may limit you from projecting your best self. You can book a one off session or purchase a coaching programme of four or six sessions. Choosing coaching is to invest in devoted YOU time where you create space to determine the options that bring the best outcomes for the creation of your best life.

    I am a trained professional coach and a woman who understands the particular experiences that arise in everyday interactions, whether this be at work, in a social setting or in a relationship for example.  This means that when you work with a Coach who understands your experiences and worldview you will be able to quickly hone in on raising your vibration and energy for increased confidence and full engagement in life.

    Along your coaching journey, you will be empowered to recognise and acknowledge more of your amazing self, knowing just how to put this across with greater confidence and self-assurance. Not only that, you will acquire skillls, strategies and technques for optimised self-management that brings greater potential for increased happiness and well-being that ripples out into your relationship, family and the wider community.

    "The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don't define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way and who will be sharing the adventure with them." - Denis Watiley

  • Your certified Life Direction Coach

    As well as being a certified Personal Performance Coach qualified with a distinction, I am a DISC Personality Profile Practitioner, Mentor, Lecturer and Manager who is experienced in coaching people from diverse communities and backgrounds. Having worked in The Caribbean, Africa and Eastern Europe, my skills, awareness and understanding of cultural literacy makes me an ideal coach.

    Supporting a vast number of people to tap into their hidden potential and maximise their skills, I have coached and trained individuals in Tanzania, Ghana, Jamaica as well as in the United Kingdom. As an ESOL Lecturer, I understand the barriers faced by those whose first language is not English and have supported young people and adults from countries such as The Congo, Angola, Sudan, Romania, Latvia, Poland, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Eritrea, South Korea, Somalia and India to achieve outstanding results in their academic and professional pursuits through Academic Success Coaching.

    If you are seeking a coach who provides a safe arena for challenging the 'norms' that may be hindering your progress and importantly, impacts upon your confidence to accomplish your goals, then book a coaching programme with me. Coaching takes place via Skype or telephone, therefore, I can work with you wherever you are in the world. 

  • Satellite Life Coaching provides:

    • Two, Four or Six, hours of personal Life Direction Coaching sessions

    • A certified Personal Performance Coach

    • Access to The Coaching Portal

    • Access to a range of personally designed Growth Plans

    • Coaching for International clients

    • Discount for block bookings

    Contact us to start your Coaching journey today!

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    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    (+44) 121 411 9500

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  • "I feel blessed to have encountered Rebecca's magical coaching. I would recommend her to anyone because you will grow towards your own successful pathway. Rebecca is a wonderful coach who provides you with opportunities to change your life. The coaching sessions have inspired me to be true to my values, beliefs and myself without apologising for them."

    Grace, E-Learning CPD Manager, London.

  • “I had the pleasure and the privilege to meet the wonderful Professor Rebecca, at a Supply Chain Management Training course, in Romania. We were approximately 15 students, all of us amazed by her teaching skills and unique charm, and looking forward to the next day to see what else she had planned for us to study and understand. I learned so much from her and remember well lessons from the training and examples Rebecca gave us for a better understanding. I would love to attend other courses she teaches. I strongly recommend her as a valuable trainer and coach.”

    Amalia Stoica, Legal Advisor, Bucharest, Romania

  • "The coaching sessions that I had with Rebecca helped me to focus and complete actions that progressed me towards my overall goals. Rebecca was very detailed in her approach, and challenged in a calm and respectful manner, when it was necessary. By always checking, for how and when I would carry out my actions, Rebecca helped me to be realistic in what I could achieve within the timescales I was setting, and so boosted my confidence when I was able to complete everything."

    Emma J

  • "I found the coaching sessions with Rebecca to be very thorough and analytical. The coaching sessions helped me to define my skills that I was unaware of. As a result, this has helped me to make improvements to my Personal Profile and has strengthened my job applications, in terms of increasing my selling points."

    P. Lee, Bham

  • "Personal Coaching has given me an independent, reflective view on situations, the teaching of new skills, an inner voice of confidence and pushed me to do things through actions."

    Client X

  • "Rebecca, It was an amazing and wonderful coaching journey I have had with you. I sure have moved from strength to strength. I am feeling fantastic. My fear has disappeared, I feel fearless. I am more confident in taking decisions. I can say NO if I want to. I am taking my strengths from this journey forward into the rest of my life. Rebecca, you were a God send to me. You are an amazing Coach. A very BIG thank you."


  • "The overall impact of Rebecca Gordon’s coaching of me has been to enable me to better discover and re-affirm innate values and attributes. Over the sessions, I have found Rebecca to be both perceptive and intuitive concerning my situation, and her sensitive and systematic probing has helped me to clear up uncertainties and incongruities around issues raised."

    Mr MN

  • "I've recently started having coaching sessions with Rebecca and I've found it refreshing, stimulating and thought provoking. It has helped me to think about how I may be standing in my own way and what I need to do to get unstuck and be much more positive and proactive. Rebecca is so easy to talk to, just when I think I know what she's going to ask me next, she challenges me with something unexpected but so helpful. Really looking forward to future sessions."


  • "Rebecca is a great empowering coach, who encouraged me in every session we had. Thanks to Rebecca, I clarified my career planning, and now, thanks to her I have clearer future vision. She was also good at identifying my unrevealed beliefs and question them. I think Rebecca is a good rapport builder, I think it is her natural talent.Thanks to her sense of empathy I felt in a ease during our coaching session. She also demonstrated her attentive listening skills during our sessions, I felt at every moment listened and understood. I enjoyed being coached by Rebecca, and really appreciated her sense of commitment in making my goal happen. I think she is a great coach."

    Raquel, Luxembourg

  • "Rebecca really helped me to think creatively on how to manage my time better to thus reach my goals and increase my daily productivity levels. This enabled me to afford to have days which I call "celebrate me day" where I can chill, not be stressed out and have time for myself and appreciate life."


  • "There was much interaction. Everybody was involved, mixed well and it felt good to be part of the group. The course has made me feel much more positive."

    Mark McKain

  • "I have some goals and action points already planed due to this course and a method to identify the next logical step for each of them. Creating a WIG and WIG Action Plan was an important learning point, as well as setting smaller goals and milestones. I'm really glad I came."

    Lisa, Enterprise Manager.

  • "The information shared has helped me to explore myself. Thank you for today. I will take this day forward. It was an excellent experience in self-improvement. I had a great time."

    Beverley Smith, Bham

  • "I found our sessions focused, motivating & beneficial. I've now completed my initial 'Pride & Value in the African Caribbean Child' Black History Programme. I've really fuljoyed & valued your input, support, suggestions & the gentle encouragement you have given to assist me in getting emotionally where I should be. It has been great to face my fears, get them into perspective & to work through them rather than being inhibited & immobilised by them. I commend your ability as a communicator & very much appreciate the value on my self you have assised me to restore. If thank you were precious items they would certainly be reflective of your true value measured in the most brilliant diamonds."

    R. Blackwood

  • "This course met my objectives to a very large extent because I have been able to identify my strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities that can help me come out of my shell to manage my life better. It has really opened my understanding of change management. It was a fantastic interaction."

    Trudy Ashong - Teacher. Ghana, Africa

  • "This was an amazing workshop that was very useful. It benefited me as I can now dream bigger with open eyes and actions, living my unlimited ability NOW!"

    I Gilkes

  • “It is hard to believe that participating in one discovery life coaching session could be such a life-changing experience. It has helped to build my self-confidence and self-esteem, set goals, reduced my stress levels, advance my career and overcome anxiety and fear. I am now fully committed to invest the time, space, energy and money into a process which I believe will continue to have further life changing benefits in other areas of my life in the future. Truly amazing and inspirational!”

    Ms J.R -  Educational Consultant.

  • "I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Rebecca. Her unique style was key to helping me define what I wanted from a job opportunity. I set a goal to confidently negotiate the terms of the job and to my joy, it was accepted. Through working with Rebecca, I have been able to make clear changes in my life and as a result I have begun the process of living a more balanced and authentic life. Thank you Rebecca."

    Marcia H, Leeds

  • "This coaching workshop has helped me be more confident and made me think more positively. By attending 'Confident YOU! I have learned not to assume what other people think of me. Thank you!"

    Miss M.

  • "This was a powerful workshop! I learned many new concepts today and have some great techniques to try! I love the declaration "I'm loving the choices that being confident gives me" and will have this as my mantra whenever I need a boost of confidence! Thank you for an amazing workshop. I encourage others to attend 'Confident YOU!' I also liked that there was coaching on the course. This really helped me to make a shift. Thank you!"

    Ms TG

  • “Coaching has helped me to put my life into perspective, giving me the tools to identify my priorities and goals and helping me to ‘ride the challenges’ of life. Coaching has also given me the inspiration to explore other things in my life, like embracing my creativity and using this skill to bring joy in my life. I have been able to appreciate that it is the ‘moments’ that are more important, those things like having dinner with your family, phoning a friend, giving money to charity and showing gratitude for what you have in your life.“       

    Sandra, Birmingham

  • "Rebecca is an amazing woman who is genuinely caring and sensitive during my sessions with her. I would literally end the calls feeling super motivated and smiling from ear to ear. She is incredibly intelligent and insightful which blessed me to see different perspectives on things and gave me the confidence to do whatever my heart desires. Thank you."


  • "Today’s course was delivered in an intimate and cosy setting with us hanging on to Rebecca’s every word. First we were encouraged to set realistic and meaningful goals for ourselves before progressing to positive thinking and visualisation techniques. I left feeling relaxed, motivated, inspired and pleasantly surprised by it all. The time literally flew by as we sat in our states of flow making imaginative and creative plans for our futures.  So whether you’re after greater success, satisfaction or outstanding achievements in any aspect of your personal or professional life, Rebecca can certainly empower you and get you there."

    Kami Kulture, World Around The Girl, August 2013

  • "I feel energised and hopeful after talking to Rebecca for an hour. Her intelligent, insightful and perceptive comments and questioning really helped to move me forwards. Many, many thanks"


  • "The objectives met the challenges I am going through in life, that bring fear and difficulties with how to effect change. The course has empowered me and made me restructure my cognitive domain. Finally, I can now manage my personal changes with the practical exercises we performed."

    Doris Sumney - Teacher. Accra, Ghana

  • “It was a rewarding and refreshing experience participating in a seminar (at Northern Caribbean University, Mandeville, Jamaica) that was so interactive, inspiring and motivating. Ms Gordon is very passionate and knowledgeable of the area covered and I left feeling fulfilled. Thanks Rebecca for a job well done. Keep on motivating and inspiring those with whom you come in contact.”

    Ann, Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica, W.I, Aug 2011

  • "The course was excellent. It answered and re-affirmed things I need to know. I particularly found evaluation of self and values to be helpful."

    Junior Campbell, Deputy Manager, Youth Offending Service, Birmingham

  • “Thank you Rebecca for the excellent manner you have supported and encouraged me over the last few months in my desire for a positive career change. I came to you having being made redundant after a long career in manufacturing management. Through your positive sessions, conducted throughout my program I have found renewed confidence and energy to face new challenges. Your experience and insight have been wonderful in helping me move forward. I appreciate your help and support and would wholeheartedly recommend you to everyone looking to re-energise their lives."  


  • “I have learned so much that has been helpful! I particularly liked the combination of lesson, teaching, activity, video and participation that Rebecca has excellently pieced together to create an overall stimulating and thorough package. The course was excellently delivered and executed. The energy levels are so high and this really draws people out of themselves (including me) and to actively pursue a better, enjoyable life. I'll recommend this course.”

    Rebecca Mahay, Publication & Information Officer, Warwick Business School

  • "I liked the fact that we changed seats many times. I go on courses and come out knowing only the name of the person I sat by. Today I know everyone."

    Marjorie Nelson, Bham

  • "How to Master Change in Uncertain times has helped me to release my fears and has prepared me for the beautiful future I have to come. The course just flowed. Rebecca, you are an awesome trainer!"

    Deborah, Bham

  • "If I was a millionaire and paid a million pounds for my 6 sessions, it would have been worth every penny. Meaning, the time I have spent with Rebecca is priceless. Having a busy schedule and just being able to have some time to concentrate on myself has been invaluable. Rebecca has provided space for me to check my “Owners Manual” and understand it correctly. She’s a very special lady and we all need “A Rebecca”. Outstanding Coach. Rebecca was BORN to do what she does. This coaching programme has increased my life in so many areas, which in turn has benefited those around me."
    C Dawson, April 2013

  • “The course was very well presented. Everyone was very easily able to understand the presented information. Every time we had a question, the answers were over our expectations, with a lot of examples… I appreciate the easy way that the Trainer adapted to our learned behaviour and helped us to become a team and friends at the same time.”

    Vasilica Popescu, Cap Gemini Services, Iasi, Romania. June, 2011

  • "I have learnt to be confident. The course has made me believe in myself, overcome stress and empower my beliefs. I now know how to risk change and be a good role model. The new skills I have learnt will help me make decisions that will help in a positive change."

    Mrs Peace Nyonator. Accra, Ghana.

  • "I loved Supercharge Your Winner's Mindset because I was boosted and I feel much more confident. Important learning points were communication and understanding myself as a Superhero!"


  • "How to Be a Master of Change was invigorating and energising. I loved learning new perspectives. Rebecca, your enthusiasm and passion to enrich others is clearly evident."

    Mignon Braithwaite

  • "My coaching experience with Rebecca has been amazing! She moved me completely out of my comfort zone and directly into an area of confidence in my abilities.  Rebecca allowed me, through her coaching techniques to seek my values and using them to my fullest potential, not just at work but in my personal life. Her knowledge, wisdom and understanding is unique and special to me, and at every session I was made to feel at home, relaxed and safe. This was 'my time' and I was given the opportunity to use this time to my fullest potential. Thank you Rebecca and I look forward to booking up some more sessions in the future". 


  • "Going on the course 'Confident YOU!' has helped me re-evalute the potential outcome of being confident. Doing the practical exercises has helped me step out my comfort zone and recognise my potential. I have learned to be me - this has made me more confident."


  • "The range of activities used were practical and provoked my thinking and made me take action. The knowledge shared by the trainer was excellent. The learning environment created was very good. There were opportunities for learning and sharing with others."

    H. Farrell, Bham


  • "Attending 'Confident YOU!' has allowed me to reflect on who I am. I feel more confident and empowered to take on new ventures. What was most helpful was 'learning the attributes of confident people', 'what to do when meeting new people' and 'shifting my self-perception."


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